7 Steps to having the Perfect Riverside Picnic, Enjoying the BEST Burger in Windsor

1. Find A Buddy.

Find a friend (or however many friends the boy Doug is letting us hangout with 🥲) to have your picnic with. If they say no, tell them that in order to keep your friendship going they need to come with.

2. Pack Your Tablecloth

Pack a blanket or if you’re super fancy pack your favourite picnic tablecloth. Bring a chair to be extra comfy if your butt really needs it.

3. Travel To Whamburg

Head down to Whamburg located at 401 California Ave by bike, scooter, rollerblade, hoverboard (if you’re that cool), driving, or by legs (best way to exercise if you’re into that kind of thing).

4. Grab Your Food

Okay this is a major key in having a picnic. YOU CAN’T FORGET THE FOOD. Pick up your order that you placed online or if you forgot to, you can order on the spot at our counter or at our self serve kiosk. Don’t worry we got you!


Take your food down to the riverside that is only a 3 minute walk or possible 1 minute scooter ride.

6. Photoshoot time.

Of course you have to show it off. Your meal looks delicious so you can’t help but to take a photo and share it on social media to make your friends and fam jealous. HEY don’t forget to tag us though. @whamburg.ygq

7. EAT!

Yes, you’re finally at the best step there is. Eat your smash burger, enjoy the weather, your friends and the view. What other things are there to do in Windsor than to enjoy some great food with some friends?!?!