What is a Smash Burger and why we love them!

Burgers are no newcomers to any foodie’s palate. They are as versatile as they are delicious. The wholesome package of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, fibre, and veggies makes them an entire meal in one scrumptious package. Although the fast food industry has perfected the process of making a burger in under thirty seconds, that comes with the compromise of highly processed ingredients and an unhealthy amount of preservatives. On the other end of the spectrum there are gourmet burgers with an incredible amount of care taken to make sure each ingredient is picked to make the perfect bite.

Be it a fast food chain’s ultra-processed burger or a fancy gourmet restaurant’s burger, the key ingredient that ties the flavour together is the meat/protein. The perfect meat for a burger requires just salt and pepper as seasoning. The quality of the patty really depends on the meat cuts and when the meat is seasoned (ideally just before cooking). Most burger patties are seasoned and frozen before making it to the grill. This draws out the juices from the meat which drains the meat of its natural flavour. Frozen patties are great for making a quick burger, but they also have the downside of making the meat bland. There is another, more tasty way to make patties though and that is the smash burger.

The process is pretty simple, but it makes an incredible burger with no match for its flavour. The smashburger’s meat is stored as a loose ball of freshly ground fatty beef. The smashburger comes to life when the meat is then smashed onto the griddle and that compression brings out the meat juices giving it more surface area to cook. Popularized by restaurants like ShakeShack and Smashburger, this type of patty has made it into the hearts of many a food lover with its signature crust. The hidden science that makes the meat mouth-watering is called the Maillard reaction which is the transformation of proteins and sugars in the presence of heat. That reaction gives rise to a beautiful brown crust, super crispy edges and because the process take so little, the burger comes out as juicy as can be. Throw that patty between a soft potato bun a few simples toppings and you have yourself one of the best burgers out there.

Check out a guide to why Smash burgers are amazing by one of our favourites, Kenji Alt-Lopez.

So, there you have it. That is why we believe smash burgers are superior and we are certain that any burger lover would agree!